27 September 2017

The Best Season for Your Portrait Session

When is the best time of year to schedule my session?

I am literally asked this question everyday by my clients, and that’s because it’s an important concern.

For me and my business, being in California allows me to schedule location shoots for my clients year round.

As a portrait artist I sincerely love the beauty and challenges each season offers, so part of my job is helping identify the best environment to meet my client’s goals.

The five most important things to consider when choosing the time of year for your session:

#1 – Deadlines for specific product needs

When do you need your graduation announcements or those holiday cards?

#2 – Your family’s schedule

When does your family have time to plan for and enjoy your session experience?

#3 – Seasonal wardrobe preferences

Do you prefer the look of fall/winter fashions, or the look of spring/summer styles?

#4 – Specific locations

Is there a special location you want as your backdrop, and when is that most picturesque?

#5 – What reflects your personality

With an outdoor location shoot, is their a season that best represents your personality, hobbies, or interests?

For most of my clients, their family schedule is usually the biggest factor, and a close second to that would be seasonal wardrobe preferences.

Whatever season you select, I am passionate about creating the best results for you and your family!

Please contact us for information regarding our unique, custom session experience.

All of our session options include a Design Consultation to select all of the special details for your photo shoot!


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